Hand & Body Cream - Calming Lavender

Hand & Body Cream - Calming Lavender

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Nourishing and Natural Hand & Body Cream

This is for those interested in natural and vegan skincare products.  Individuals with dry or sensitive skin, those looking for a body cream suitable for changing weather conditions.

Changing weather conditions can wreak havoc on the skin, causing dryness, flakiness and irritation.  Synthetic skincare products often contain harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients that can exacerbate skin issues.  Our nourishing natural Body cream is made with a blend of nourishing oils and butters that work together to hydrate and protect the skin from the elements. 

Sweet almond oil – a nourishing, mild oil and a natural emollient with antioxidants, moisturizing and healthy skin cell turnover

Rice bran oil – promotes healthy, glowing skin with powerful antioxidants.  Helps reduce age spots

Olive oil – provides deep hydration, reduces inflammation, puffiness and swelling

Avocado oil – replenishes dry skin, heals itchy and chapped skin, protects against skin damage

Borage oil – a soothing ingredient you need in your skincare routine.  This is an anti-inflammatory oil with regenerative and revitalizing properties.

Shea butter – anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, boosts moisture, soothes skin problems

Cocoa butter – Contains rich essential fatty acids that nourish and protect the skin

Fractionated Coconut oil – Non-greasy, helps to moisturize, protect and soften the skin

Our Body creams are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances making it gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Plus, its nourishing formula is perfect for the changing weather conditions, helping to protect and hydrate the skin at the season’s transitions.

Calming Lavender Body cream – treats dry skin, helps reduce appearance of wrinkles.  Contains Lavender and Patchouli essential oils